BitKeep&FLUX Airdrops

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1 min readSep 27, 2021


Download BitKeep to split Flux pool.

Time: 27 Sep,19:00- 30 Sep,19:00 2021(GMT+8)


Campaign 1: Airdrop for New Users

New users who download BitKeep, add BSC、HECO、OEC chain, with more than 100 USDT equivalent value of assets before snapshot on 19:00, 30 Sep(GMT+8) are eligible to evenly split FLUX(FLUX) pool.

Campaign 2: Airdrop for Trading

Users who swap successfully on BitSwap/Cross-Chain with more than 200 USDT equivalent value of assets are eligible to evenly split FLUX(FLUX) pool.

Note: Users can only participate in one campaign. If user participated in two campaigns, we only choose the rewards for one campaign to distribute.

The rewards will be airdropped to the corresponding address of qualified users (any address of BSC, HECO, OEC) after the event is over.

What’s more surprising is that users who receive Flux airdrops will also receive corresponding cBKB rewards.

Rewards Distribution:

This airdrop only applies to BitKeep BSC、HECO、OEC users.

Airdrop time: 11 Oct — 12 Oct, 2021(GMT+8)



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