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3 min readJan 16, 2023

In order to thank everyone for your unwavering love and support, BitKeep officially launched the Super Partner Benefit Month on December 1st. You can unlock numerous benefits and participate in multiple activities simultaneously. The rewards include token airdrops, sharing a $10,000 prize pool, and an awesome token giveaway.

Duration: 00:00 (UTC +8), Dec. 1, 2022 — Feb. 1, 2023
Qualification: Only new users who have filled in the Super Partner invitation codes are eligible to join

Download and install the latest version of BitKeep App.
Chinese Mainland:
Other regions:


Promotion 1: fill in the Super Partner invitation code to win $1-$2
Promotion 2: fill in the Super Partner invitation code and trade at 5$ with Swap to win $3-$5
Promotion 3: users can receive rewards first after joining one BitKeep airdrop event within 7 days after wallet creation. The prize is limited and first come first served!
Promotion 4: users can receive $5-$10 if your newly increased assets in a wallet account exceed $100 within 7 days after wallet creation.


  1. Promotion 1 and Promotion 2 cannot be rewarded repeatedly, and will be issued according to the high bonus;
  2. All rewards in this event will be issued in the equivalent value of BitKeep GasU. GASU can be used to pay the Gas fee on all BitKeep mainnets. 1 GASU = 1 USD, which can be viewed in “BitKeep APP — Discover — Cloud Wallet”;
  3. Time of distribution: within 7 working days after the event meets the criteria. For instance, within 7 days after a wallet creation, completion of deposit, or constant distribution within 7 days after the first swap order;
  4. If you participate in multiple airdrops simultaneously, the rewards will be issued according to the first ending of these airdrops; if the number of airdrop rewards you participate in is far from the whitelist user limit, then first-come-first-served;
  5. If there is any improper behavior that violates the rules of this event, your qualification and event rewards will be cancelled once verified;

How to fill in the invitation codes of Super Partner?

1) BitKeep Super Partner whitelists(updating):
Access “BitKeep APP — Discover — Invite”, fill in the invitation codes of Super Partner: XXXXX (exclusive only), valid only within 168 hours after wallet creation for the first time!
Note: not all invitation codes can enjoy the benefit and kindly make sure they belong to Super Partner!

How to claim and use GASU?
Kindly download the latest BitKeep APP and activate your Cloud Wallet to claim GASU. The tutorial is as follows:
Tap “Discover” — “Cloud Wallet” — “Activate now”, and enter the 6-digit password;
Please make sure to activate the Cloud Wallet before joining GASU-related airdrops; otherwise, you might not be able to receive rewards.

How to become a BitKeep Super Partner?

  1. If you are an influencer, a community group owner or self-media in the blockchain space, or you have a Telegram/Discord/Wechat community with no less than 500 people, or a Twitter follower with no less than 1,000, or an average Youtube video with more than 1,000 views, you are more than welcome to sign up as BitKeep Super Partner! ,

  1. BitKeep also provides plenty of part-time jobs for Web3 lovers, if you want to be one of #Web3 builders, earn online & work at home, don’t miss out on joining BitKeep Knights Program:



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