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2 min readJul 7, 2023

It’s been two months since we rolled out our comprehensive LayerZero guide back in May. How are you progressing? Even if you’re a little late to the party, don’t worry! LayerZero Labs’ Co-Founder and CEO, Bryan Pellegrino, has just sought the community’s thoughts on acceptable Sybil numbers. Dive into our inclusive LayerZero guide now and ready yourself for the next biggest potential airdrop!

If you’re a BitKeep user who has been navigating the LayerZero protocol since our guide’s launch, it’s essential to keep an eye on your ranking and engage in some friendly competition with fellow users. According to statistics, there are presently over 2.4 million unique wallet addresses that have interacted with the LayerZero Protocol at least once. To secure a potential airdrop, you’ll need to rise through the ranks. Visit this link to see your current ranking, or if you prefer, leave your address in this tweet, and we’ll take care of the ranking check for you!

Source: springzhang @ Dune Analytics

How to Read the LayerZero Ranking Leaderboard?

Wondering how to interpret the LayerZero Ranking Leaderboard? Essentially, all the listed criteria matter, and if you’re aiming for airdrop eligibility, you should aim to score highly across as many categories as possible.

Ranking: Your current leaderboard position
Transactions Count: Total number of transactions you have conducted
Bridged Amount ($): Cumulative amount bridged via LayerZero
Interacted Source Chains: Total number of source chains with which you have interacted
Destination Chains: Total number of destination chains involved in your transactions
Contracts Count: Total number of smart contracts you have interacted with
Unique Active Days / Weeks / Months: Aggregate of unique days / weeks / months during which you’ve transacted using the LayerZero protocol
LZ Age In Days: The length of time (in days) since you began using LayerZero
Initial Active Date: The exact date you began using LayerZero

Just a friendly reminder: always operate within your means, as all investments entail risk. Stay tuned for more LayerZero airdrop guides in the future, and remember to subscribe to stay up-to-date with valuable and exclusive information from BitKeep!



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