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4 min readSep 20, 2023


In recent years, the Web3 era has unfolded with significant developments marked by critical events from prominent players in the DeFi landscape, such as Uniswap, leading NFT initiatives like BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club), and Ethereum Layer 2 projects, including Optimism and Arbitrum, not to mention the emergence of new blockchains like Aptos and Sui in 2023. Accompanying these pivotal moments is a series of airdrop events characterized as a feast of opportunities for crypto enthusiasts.

These airdrops offer substantial earnings for individual accounts, with some reaching tens of thousands of dollars in profit based on current valuations — a testament to the lucrative nature of participating in airdrops, irrespective of market conditions. Given this, airdrop trackers have carved out a fundamental role in daily crypto interactions, paving a viable path toward financial freedom.

Introducing the ActScan Airdrop Interaction Tracker

Despite airdrops being one of the most cost-effective ways of earning big with a much lower principle, engaging with airdrops can be labor-intensive, necessitating high-frequency, repetitive tasks with delayed feedback and rewards. Additionally, managing multiple addresses and keeping track of numerous interactions can take time and effort. Bitget Wallet presents ActScan, a tracker designed to streamline your airdrop interaction records to facilitate more accessible access to potentially high-yield airdrops from hot-ticket projects.

ActScan provides real-time ranking feedback for each airdrop interaction, adding a layer of meaning and motivation to each action and a clear view of your standing among other airdrop participants. By utilizing ActScan, even newcomers can nurture their skills to master airdrop strategies. ActScan exclusively supports zkSync Era airdrop record queries, with plans to incorporate more popular projects slated for future airdrops.

How to Use the ActScan Airdrop Interaction Tracker?

1. Select “ActScan” in your Bitget Wallet to access the tracker. It will automatically recognize your current wallet address and display the respective interaction records.

2. Tap “Share” in the upper right corner to either “Save the Image” for personal reference and management or “Copy the Link” to share your interaction record online.

3. Choose “Switch Address” to explore the interaction histories of other addresses. Simply paste the addresses in the provided field to find out more.

How to Read the ActScan Airdrop Interaction Tracker?

The ActScan Airdrop Interaction Tracker breaks down essential metrics and criteria to help you understand your activity and ranking within the zkSync Era. If you are aiming for airdrop eligibility, achieving high scores across multiple categories is beneficial. Below are the descriptions for each listed criterion:

Ranking: Your current position on the leaderboard.
Ranking Percentage: Your current standing among all wallet addresses participating in the airdrop.
Interactions: The cumulative number of transactions you have conducted.
Cross-Chain Volume: The aggregate amount bridged through the zkSync Era’s official bridge.
Transaction Volume: The cumulative transaction volume on the zkSync Era mainnet.
Gas Fee: The total gas fees spent within the zkSync Era mainnet.
Last Activity: The days since your most recent transaction on the zkSync Era mainnet.
Active Days / Weeks / Months: The total unique days, weeks, or months you have conducted transactions on the zkSync Era mainnet.
Activated On: The days since your first transaction on the zkSync Era mainnet.
DApp: The Dapps you have interacted with on the zkSync Era mainnet.
Volume ($): The cumulative transaction volume linked to the respective DApp.

Airdrop Eligibility Reference — Arbitrum

We are leveraging one of 2023’s most significant airdrops, the Arbitrum airdrop, as a reference point for potential zkSync airdrop eligibility. This benchmark is designed to help users grasp their positioning and prospective rewards within the zkSync ecosystem. By comparing Arbitrum’s criteria, this reference provides insights into the crucial metrics and indicators that determine airdrop eligibility on zkSync. Leveraging this data can facilitate the optimization of your interaction outcomes, thereby enhancing your likelihood of being favored in upcoming airdrops.

Note: The data presented herein is provided for reference purposes only, and the final criteria for airdrop eligibility will be determined by official announcements from zkSync.

The details outlined above empower you to assess the interaction levels of individual wallet addresses, pinpoint areas necessitating improvement, and determine the degree of enhancement required. Moreover, we are persistently working on refining and augmentation the ActScan Airdrop Interaction Tracker. Aside from the zkSync Era, we anticipate extending support to additional renowned blockchains poised for airdrop events. If you have any questions or suggestions as you use the tracker, please let us know your feedback through our official TG customer service.



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