The Power of PoW, BitKeep × EthereumFair 44,500 ETHF GiveAway

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3 min readSep 24, 2022


The high-profile Ethereum merger was successfully completed a week ago, bringing Ethereum PoW consensus mechanism to a close. With the support of PoW supporters, the Ethereum forked chain also came out as scheduled.

As Asia’s largest Web3 multi-chain wallet, BitKeep has previously announced support for accessing the Ethereum forked chain, and provides users with new product features that facilitate the claim and transaction of forked tokens. In BitKeep’s view, the PoW consensus mechanism still has its strong vitality and power, and whether the Ethereum forked chain that follows the PoW consensus mechanism can gain a foothold and develop in the long run also remains to be seen.

In order to support the PoW consensus mechanism and witness the future development of the Ethereum forked chain, BitKeep joins hands with EthereumFair(ETHF) to bring 44,500 ETHF airdrops to users. Come and participate in the event and witness the power of PoW.

Duration: 16:00, Sept 23–16:00, Sept 28 (UTC+8)


1. Users need to complete the airdrop task during the event (click to participate in the Gleam task)

2. During the event, if the newly added amount of the designated token in the user’s wallet is greater than $100 (any one of ETH, BTC, ETHF, ETC, Doge, and CZZ), they will have the opportunity to participate in the airdrop to share the 44,500 ETHF reward pool.

Rewards distribution:
The more positions you add during the event, the more rewards you will get!

1. 1000 new BitKeep users who have completed the Gleam task will be randomly selected to share the 15,000 ETHF prize pool;
The new user means: “new device ID + new BitKeep wallet”;

2. 1000 existing BitKeep users who have completed the airdrop task will be randomly selected to share the 15,000 ETHF prize pool;

3. 500 inviters who invite friends to participate in Gleam and complete the task will be randomly selected to share the 10,000 ETHF prize pool;
The criteria for invited friends are: “New Device ID + New BitKeep Wallet + hold at least $100 worth”;

4. During the event, 3 luckiest users will be drawn every day, and each will receive 300 ETHF airdrop rewards;
(16:00 of the current day to 16:00 of the next day is one day)

5. All airdrop rewards of this event will be distributed within 10 working days after the event ends;

Note: The newly added positions of this event are defined as: the total amount held at the end of the event — (minus) the total amount held at the beginning of the event.
How to invite friends to use BitKeep?

How to add ETHF Custom Nets?

1) Open the BitKeep wallet, click [All Mainnets] in the upper right corner to enter the mainnet selection interface [Add Mainnet];

2) Click [Other], select Custom Net [View All Custom Nets];

3) Click [Search] [ETHF], click [Confirm], and enter the 6-digit wallet password to successfully add it;

4) Go back to the main interface of the wallet, you can see the custom net and the mainnet tokens.

Note: BitKeep reserves the right of final interpretation of the above activities. The above content is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment advice.

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